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Data Processing

Q. My mailing list is a mess, can you fix it?
Absolutetly. Our in-house data division and our stretegic partners have every tool and expertise to fix and update your mailing list.

Q. What file types do you accept?
Most clients provide Excel, dBase, Comma-Delimited, Tab-Delimited and Fixed Format. If none of these formats are what you can provide, don't worry. Our data staff can most likely accept and use your format. Call our data division at 703-707.8844 to see if your format can be accepted.

Q. My mail list needs updating, can you do that?
Yes, we can process your data file through a number of routines that can help update your list. Allowing Fulfillment House, Inc. to process your list through NCOA, LACS and a number of other services can help make your list as up-to-date as possible. We can even append demographic information to your mailing list allowing you to segment your mailings for smarter direct mail advertising.

Q. Can you provide a file back with corrected data?
Yes. Your file can be provided back to you once we have imported your mailing file, CASS certified it and ran any other elected processing like NCOA.

Q. Can you manage my mailing list for us?
Absolutely. Your mailing list can be managed on one of our secure servers and kept up-to-date by applying any additions, deletetions and modifications you have. Having your list managed by our data services division can make your job easier.

Q. I would like to manage our mailing list online, can you handle that for us?
Yes. Our in-house data division and our stretegic partners can develop a secure password protected internet interface for your mailing list that will allow online additions, deletetions and modifications from anywhere in the world. Call a helpful customer service prepresentative or sales associate at 703-707.8844 for more information.

Q. Can you add demographic information to our mailing file?
We can append demographic information to your mailing list that can help you spend your advertising dollars more efficiently. You can expect to see information like, Number of Children, Household Income, Age, Occupation, Housing Type, Mortgage Amount, Gender, Marital Status, Homeowner, Ethnicity, Buying Preferences, Credit Card Holders, Contributors, Political Party Affiliation, and more.

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