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Mailing Services

Q. What size mailings do you handle?
Whether your project is 500 or 500,000 pieces, we are well equipped to handle your job and turn it around on-time.

Q. Should I mail at First Class or Standard (Bulk)?
There are two main differences between First Class and Standard mail: Cost & Delivery Time. First Class mail postage costs more, but gets delivered faster, Standard mail postage costs less, but usually takes more time to get delivered. You will most likely want to choose First Class if your mailpiece promotes an event and is time-sensitive.

Q. Can you handle our Canadian and Foreign mail?
Yes. We can handle your Canadian and Foreign mail for you.

Q. What do you do with mailing materials left over after my job mails?
We can hold your left over material inventory, discard it or return it to you. What we do with material overage is completly your decision.

Q. Who should I send my postage check to?
Your postage check should be sent to Fulfillment House, Inc. In most cases, your postage check will be deposited prior to entering your mail into the Postal Service mail stream. This allows for funds to clear and be avialable for the post office BMEU to use.

Q. I don't have a postage permit, can I use yours?
Absolutely, our permit imprints are available to you if you will be having Fulfillment House, Inc. prepare and mail your project. We offer TIF format images for you to download and use in our Resources page.

Q. What kind of mail do you handle?
We handle all types of mail for all classes available. We can handle Postcards, Small or large envelopes, selfmailers and mailpieces that need to be assembled by hand. Our extensive equipment list allows us to prepare mail efficiently.

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