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Mailing Lists

Q. What type of mailing lists do you offer?
We offer all types of mailing lists -- Businesses or consumers. We can provide new home movers, lists based on credit worthyness, lists by SIC or business type, consumer saturation lists and many other types. To discuss your options simply call one of our sales associates at 703-707-8844.

Q. Can I select an area around my business to mail too?
Yes. You can specify a radius of a specific number of miles around your business to advertise to.

Q. What options can I get while ordering a list?
You can choose to receive phone numbers, contact name, business revenue and a host of other options.

Q. Can I use the mailing list many times?
You can choose to rent the mailing list for a single usage or for multiple usages. Whether you choose multiple usages or not, you are allowed to reuse a name from the list once they have responded to your direct mail campaign.

Q. Is there a minimum number of names I need to buy?
Yes, in all cases there are minimums to the number of names you need to purchase. For specific information concerning minimums for the mailing list you want, simply call one of our sales associates at 703-707-8844.

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