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Personalization Services (Variable Data)

Q. What is "personalization" and "variable data"?
Personalization and variable data are terms used to describe the use of variable text and/or images to better target your mailpiece to the addressee.

For example, let's assume you are selling your widget using a letter. Eventhough your widget is a great product for all homes, your sales pitch for people with children is different than those without children. Using this information, you can target your letter and even images to the family receiving the mailpiece. If they have children.. talk about and show them a family with children using your widget. Call us immediately if you want to increase your response rate and increase your return on investment.

Q. What can be personalized?
Letters and self-mailers are typical items personalized. You can choose to personalize text and/or images in any combination that best suits your mail campaign needs.

Q. How many versions of a personalized letter can their be?
In our example above in the first question we gave you explained how it can be done with two versions. Fact is, there are no limits to the number of versions you can have.

Q. Can you personalize in full color?
Yes, we can personalize in full color or black & white.

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