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Variable Data Printing
Looking for higher response rates?
Maybe you want to turn that versioned (coded) mailing into a single mailing. Variable data can do that for you.

What is Variable Data?
Variable Data Printing is a technology that allows for black & white or full-color personalized customization on every document within a run of digital printing. Beyond just name and copy customization, Variable Data Printing allows for seamless swapping of photography, as well. Using age, sex, income, ethnicity and other like parameters, Fulfillment House, Inc. is able to create personalized communications for every customer in your database.

Can Variable Data Really Increase My Response Rate?
Absolutely! You can expect to see a significant response increase using Variable Data. The use of Variable Data is also known as 1-to-1 marketing - this means that you're able to communicate with your mailpiece recipient one-on-one. By using information already within your data file or information we append, you can communicate better based on who they are. For example, if you solicite donations or run a membership department for a non-profit, manage an automotive dealership or sell anything to a business or consumer you absolutely can benefit from Variable Data Technology. Call one of our helpful sales representatives at 703-707-8844 to discuss what Variable Data can do for your response rates.

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