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FHI stands out in our industry because of our mailing data expertise. FHI optimizes your mailing list data to increase response rates and maximize cost efficiencies. We have over two decades of direct mail experience yet continually invest in the training and technology that keeps us at the forefront of our industry. Whether you need turnkey direct marketing campaigns or specific direct mail production we tailor our services to your industry.

Many Associations have a multi pronged approach to building membership and attendance at events. FHI's cross media marketing strategies help you maximize email campaigns, online ads, and targeted mailings or postcards for the highest response rates and returns on your investment. Outsourcing to FHI frees your staff to focus on your members.

FHI helps you connect with clients and prospects as well as notify customers with critical information about their vehicles. We print bar codes and QR codes that enable your clients to quickly access the information they need to make decisions or register on your website. Our direct mail specialists collaborate with you to create direct marketing campaigns that leverage your social media and other advertising.

These days well crafted, printed invitations stand out in mailboxes. Increase attendance at your next event by coordinating a direct mailing or postcard that dovetails with your internet promotions. Nothing says special like a personalized invitation to your next event!

Your organization is competing with a lot of distractions in modern culture. Stand out from the crowd with strategic direct mail or postcards that leverage the work you do all year! FHI helps you find cost effective solutions to reach your community and promote your events with a consistent message.

Take advantage of our data expertise to target ideal prospects or stay in touch with loyal clients. Distinguish your services with creative direct marketing campaigns that drive clients to your website or notify them of exceptional opportunities. FHI can provide overnight turnaround on critical information so you can feel confident your project is under control and your message is delivered. We provide a secure facility for confidential information and a team of direct mail professionals focused on your deadline, budget, and compliance.

FHI provides secure facilities for sensitive information. You can depend on FHI to ensure your direct mail or printing project is executed with accountability and cost controls. Outsourcing to FHI avoids the delays that can directly impact your project and allows you to focus on your priorities. You'll have one point of contact to manage your entire project or we provide specific services based upon your requirements. We can provide 24 hour turnaround for critical information and we offer transportation service to all major post offices in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Nonprofit healthcare providers must stay in touch with local residents many of whom do not have access to the latest technology. FHI's direct mailing and printing expertise enables you to reach thousands of people with customized material that's relevant to their needs. You'll have one point of contact to manage your entire project or we provide specific services based upon your unique requirements.

FHI maintains a secure and HIPAA compliant facilities for your most sensitive documents. When a healthcare client had an emergency, we secured 20 new printers and were in production within 5 days during a snow storm! FHI handles critical product recalls and time sensitive contracts. Outsource to FHI for accurate and consistent medical billing. We ensure optimal postal rate savings and utilize the latest mailing data technology to increase response rates.

Invite people to enjoy your properties and attractions with personalized postcards and incentives. FHI collaborates with you to integrate targeted direct mail pieces into your social media and email marketing campaigns. Today's traveler is educated and expects superior service. Exceed their expectations by sending high quality mailings that encourage responses by working with FHI.

Your clients will appreciate the personal touch when requesting survey information or other calls to action. FHI helps personalize your direct mail or postcard to increase response rates and customer satisfaction. We can help your sales department generate leads or increase subscription renewals through targeted direct mailing. Outsource your billing or customer surveys to FHI for consistent and cost effective production and high response rates.

Whether it's time sensitive notifications or the promotion of new products, you can depend on FHI to deliver your direct mail with speed, accuracy, and high response rates. Critical information can be entrusted to FHI's secure and HIPAA compliant facility. Increase your contract renewals and be assured important documents are delivered on time. FHI's direct mail and printing services can provide turnkey solutions or specific production requirements.

Colorful and personalized postcards are a great way to introduce new services to the community. Reminder cards are critical for patient retention. FHI will design and execute a comprehensive direct mail campaign that encourages high response rates and leaves you free to focus on patient care.

Direct mail is the most effective means of fund raising and FHI can provide creative strategies to inform and motivate your audience. Although annual drives are powerful, we recommend a comprehensive approach to connecting with your constituents all year long. Consistency and repetition are the keys to success so put FHI's direct mail expertise to work for you.

Time is of the essence in politics and your message must resonate. FHI can provide 24 hour turnaround on critical mailings when events demand overnight response. We're experts in data cleaning to ensure your mailing lists are accurate, targeted and cost effective. We collaborate with you to understand your challenges and provide creative direct mail solutions the benefit your organization. FHI can help you automate your direct mail fund raising to ensure maximum returns throughout the year.

Many aspects of real estate business can be managed electronically but personalized mailing makes your clients feel valued. Postcards, notes, property analysis, and lead generation are effective with customized direct mailing to targeted prospects and clients. FHI's cross media marketing strategies can drive traffic to a website or open house and make your services stand out in the crowd. We dovetail direct mail strategies with your social media campaigns to differentiate your brand and increase sales.

FHI embraces the power of social media and mobile marketing and creates direct marketing campaigns that dovetail with these technologies. Your unique message can be delivered to someone's home or office with a personal flair that raises you above your competitors. FHI will develop direct mail strategies that dovetail with your current practices to ensure more visits to your on line store or establishment.

Differentiate your services from other companies with consistent and quality postcards and incentives. You can encourage appointments and phone inquiries by investing in your current customer base via direct marketing. Your clients will remember you and share your name with others when they receive a regular mailing piece. FHI provides cost effective programs that maximize response rates and frees you to focus on serving your clients.

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